Pulsating Paula

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  Somewhere between 1985 and 1990, I was at Atco Dragway in N.J. for the all Harley Drags a few times. One time sticks in my mind the most. Pulsating Paula was there and made what was probably a fairly good time into a Great time. She worked the crowd in the stands to actually become participants in the event, it was like I said, great. Luckily she captured many of these moments on film.
  Paula is a photographer extraordinaire. Her pics in the bike mags of the day were the best.
I feel myself, that Paula is THE BEST photographer of the lifestyle that we all love.
  Things have changed in the American Biker scene since many of these pictures were taken, but thanks to Paula we have these wonderful windows to a time like no other.
  Pulsating Paula AKA Paula Grimaldi-Reardon has graciously allowed me to share them here. If you do copy them please give her the proper credit.
Thanks Paula.

Check out Paula's website spacedoutphoto.com

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